Hardscape Installation

Pavers & Patios

A beautifully patterned paver can be one of the most important pieces of a hardscape design. Pavers can add elegance to your landscape, from intricate patterned pathways to gorgeous patios. Our professionals will ensure the paver project is done correctly the first time, providing you with a lovely paver enhancement that your can enjoy for many years. 

Pavers come in all shapes, colors, textures and sizes. You can be confident knowing that our design experts will guide you through your options, from color and shape to decorative patterns and material choices. You'll get the pavers that are right for your home or business, its decor and for the traffic they'll be subjected to. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the layout of your driveway, walkway or patio. When working with Kerns Bros., we will ensure your new investment will be inviting to your guests while maintaining a functional flow for everyday life. 

We do the excavating ourselves so that we're aware of the soil conditions under the paver area. This way, we're able to custom prepare the below-grade surface properly, for a longer-lasting paver, driveway, patio or path. 

Retaining/Free Standing Walls 

Retaining walls are used to bound soils between two different elevations, where there are undesirable slopes or when landscapes need to be cleared for a path, patio or driveway. Professional installation of retaining walls will ensure that proper drainage occurs, keeping the wall in place and your landscape looking great. 

Free standing walls are used as a border for patios to create additional seating for your guests, or to accent a landscape design. Using our expertise to install your free standing wall will ensure that it is as sturdy as it is beautiful. 

No matter the need, Kerns Bros. has the expertise to create a beautiful, long-lasting wall. With a wide variety of materials available, we'll help you choose one for your site that will complement your landscape.

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